9-24 US Constitution - *READING QUIZ ON THURSDAY US...

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Unformatted text preview: *READING QUIZ ON THURSDAY US Constitution The helplessness of Congress to intervene alarmed many leaders. Concern grew of what a larger rebellion might do George Washington had not liked the idea of a stronger central government After Shays Rebellion Washington changed his mind Congress agreed to a convention in Philadelphia in 1787 to strengthen the Articles Washington come out of retirement to attend GWs commitment convinced others to attend This would become the Constitutional Convention May 1787, fifty-five delegates from 12 states attended Rhode Island did not attend o They were satisfied with the constitution James Madison, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Edmund Randolph, Charles Pinckney, Roger Sherman, and Alexander Hamilton all attended Many delegates wanted to create a new government rather than try to fix the existing one Problems already when Rhode Island did not attend Some, like Patrick Henry, refused to attend because he smelt a rat. Two major plans presented: o James Madison wrote the Virginia Plan A bicameral legislature Legislature would be very powerful An executive (president) who would be elected by the legislature *READING QUIZ ON THURSDAY A judicial branch...
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9-24 US Constitution - *READING QUIZ ON THURSDAY US...

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