November 13 - November 13, 2007 I Manifest Destiny A. War...

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November 13, 2007 I. Manifest Destiny A. War cost US $98 million of fight B. 1,700 killed in battle, 4,000 wounded, 11,000 dead from disease C. Wilmot Proviso 1. David Wilmot of Pennsylvania 2. Beginning of war proposed a rider to a bill 3. Proposed no slavery in territories that might be acquired from Mexico 4. Politicized the slavery issue 5. Partisan politics gave way to sectional issues 6. South did not want proviso 7. Some in north did not want proviso 8. Never passed D. Other options: 1. Extension of the Missouri Compromise line 2. Popular Sovereignty II. Sectional Crisis A. Election of 1848 1. Democrats: Lewis Cass 2. Whigs: Zachary Taylor 3. Free Soil Party: Martin Van Buren 4. Democrats: a. Favored expansion b. Limited government c. Lower Tariffs
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d. South and West voter strength e. Agricultural and immigrant support f. Unskilled labor support 5. Free Soil Party a. Opposed slavery expansion b. Supported the Wilmot Proviso c. Attracted some abolitionist d. Slavery was morally and economically wrong e. Free soil, free labor, free men 6. Key issue for Taylor became California 7. Gold discovery in 1848 led to Gold Rush 8. Thousands entered California
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November 13 - November 13, 2007 I Manifest Destiny A. War...

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