War of 1812 - Exam 2 18th Quiz 4 25th Quiz 5 1st War of...

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10-9-07 Exam 2- 18 th Quiz 4- 25 th Quiz 5- 1 st War of 1812 Madison and Congress declare ware in June 1812 War Hawks o Protect US independence Four phases/theaters of war: o Great Lakes/Canada o Atlantic Coast o Atlantic Ocean o Southern States Early Battles against British Canada and their Indian allies Naval battles on the Great Lakes: Oliver Hazard Perry, “We have met the enemy and they are ours.” o Perry’s victory gave US control of Great Lakes o Critical to US success o Possible for William H. Harrison to attack Canada again Atlantic Coast o British blockade of US o Invaded the US o Burned Washington, D.C. in 1814
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o Siege at Baltimore Harbor, Fort McHenry Atlantic Ocean o Small US Navy, but very good o Major victory over the British ship HMS Guerrier by the USS Constitution in August 1812 o Second victory over HMS Java in December 1812 Southern Theater o Very Successful for the US o Andrew Jackson o Creek Indian War, Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Alabama
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War of 1812 - Exam 2 18th Quiz 4 25th Quiz 5 1st War of...

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