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EXAM Yarn Review Questions 105 Q1 Fall 06

EXAM Yarn Review Questions 105 Q1 Fall 06 - Globalization...

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Globalization and Yarn Practice Questions Quiz 1 Fall 2006 All of these questions are TRUE. Normally the test takes 10-15 minutes. Do not look for patterns. MULTIPLE tests will be distributed so that rare disease “drifting eye-itis” could create a problem. If any part of a sentence on the quiz is false then the entire sentence is false! NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement. CAFTA stands for the Central American Free Trade Agreement. WTO stands for the World Trade Organization. Globalization implies a single market with a network of sourcing, production and distribution. In globalization, business is interested in value added, new and improved products. Information Technology (IT) is very important to globalization. In globalization, competition can come from anywhere. To survive external competition, the U. S. needs to become very innovative and focus on niche markets. Supply chain management implies a sequence of events getting desired products to customers. Supply chain management involves such events as forecasting, purchasing, scheduling, financing, distribution and service. Yarns produce fabric; threads join parts of fabric together. Spun (or staple), filament, covered (and core spun) and novelty are 4 classifications of yarns. A spun or staple yarn is produced by having short lengths of fiber (regular or irregular) wrapped or twisted around themselves. A covered yarn is produced by wrapping a yarn around a rubber or Spandex core whereas a core spun yarns is produced by wrapping fibers around a rubber or Spandex core. Spandex is more expensive, cleaner and more predictable than rubber; it also has a longer product life. Polyester is white and lustrous whereas cotton is short and yellowish Polyester feels cool and silky whereas cotton feels comfortable.
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