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105fall2006 # 2 yarns

105fall2006 # 2 yarns - TT 105 INTRODUCTION TO TEXTILE...

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TT 105 Fall 2006 INTRODUCTION TO TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Name: _______________________________ Homework Assignment No. 2 – Spun and Filament Yarns Reference: Class lecture Due date: September 28, 2006 by 11:00 P.M. by e-mail electronic submission (don’t be late; no extensions) Assignment: Please complete the assignment below. Submission: Once you have completed the assignment send it by e-mail attachment to [email protected] Spun Yarns __ Yarns are used to produce fabric, threads are used to sew parts of fabric together. __ Spun yarns can also be called staple yarns. __ Spun yarns are formed by twisting or wrapping short lengths of fiber around themselves. __ Fibers used in spun yarns can be irregular or regular in length. __ Cotton fibers are irregular in length whereas polyester fibers are consistent in length. __ Spun yarns are less lustrous (shiny) than filament yarns. __ A cotton/polyester spun yarn is more lustrous than a 100% cotton yarn. __ Spun yarns will fall apart if the twist is removed from the yarn.
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