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Allison Attal We live in an information society. Anything you need, from recipes to music videos, is just a click away. Nowadays, companies are merging different media technologies to produce the most advanced digital media. You can download music online instead of having to go to the record store or email someone across the globe instead of sending a letter. One of the latest products of the digitalization of the media is the e-book. E-books are handheld electronic devices that can store hundreds of books, similar to the MP3 player. Although they haven’t become popular yet, e-books will eventually catch on once they overcome the issues of price and popular culture that are keeping people from buying them. I believe e-books will become very popular and eventually replace the traditional book. Having an e-book allows the owner to carry hundreds of books with them at all times without the bulk. Also, the text can be searched automatically as well as translated into spoken books. Not only does this allow access of information to people who were
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