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essay4 - We are currently living in a transitional society...

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We are currently living in a transitional society. As the years pass, more and more analog media sources are beginning to go digital. Newspapers are publishing online and books are available in electronic forms. In Epic 2014 and Epic 2015 , several predictions are made about the future of newspaper and other media. Perhaps correctly, the two films predict that news will go digital and merge with other companies to create a completely personal and interactive experience. After reviewing the history and growth of internet media, Epic 14 and Epic 15 predict that the search engine Google and the e-commerce website Amazon will merge to create Googlezon , which will provide total customization of content as well as advertising based on the known interests of the user. It will even go as far to develop a system, which takes sentences from different stories and recombines them to create a different version of the story for every view. A “News War” will eventually breaks out between media mogul
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