COMPUTER NOTES MARCH 4 2008 - Distributed DOS- Comes from...

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COMPUTER NOTES MARCH 4 2008 Privacy- The individual’s right to keep certain information private Security- A tool to build privacy Privacy Laws in Business- When can an organization use info it collects for 1 purpose for another purpose. Opt in- Information sharing should not occur unless consumers allow it to happen Opt out- Information sharing does occur Cookies- Text files that allows for a better user experience making it easier to gather Information about consumers / website visitors. A website can receive only the information it has placed on your machine. It cannot retrieve information from other cookie files nor any other info from your machine. Spyware- Any software that covertly gathers user information through the user’s internet connection without his or her knowledge. Cybercrime- (Hacker- an intruder into your computer system) Hacker Access- Directly or through ports Trojan Horse- Appears useful, back door (Take over control) DOS- Denial of Service
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Unformatted text preview: Distributed DOS- Comes from multiple Pos, harder to trace Firewall protection- (Software) Port Protection (Hardware) Firewalls- Block ports, hide network address, use packet-filtering (Of packets going to logical ports), use NAT (Network Access Translation assigns IP addresses on a network, not shared with non network devices) Viruses- Programming code (Attaches itself to other programs and causes harm to programs, data, or hardware) Boot sector virus- Virus loaded into memory at startup Logic bomb virus- Based upon a condition (Will be launched after a specific condition) Worms- Travels between systems through network connections Script virus- Scripts hidden on website Macro virus- Attaches to documents Encription virus- Renders document useless and then demands money for reuse of them Polymorphic- has more than one form Multi-partite- broken into multiple parts Stealth- moving or acting in a covert way...
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COMPUTER NOTES MARCH 4 2008 - Distributed DOS- Comes from...

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