COMPUTER NOTES FEB 28 2008 - Usenet- newsgroup IRC-...

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COMPUTER NOTES FEB 28 2008 The Internet- A Wide Area Computer Network (WAN) made up of 1000s of Local Area Networks (LAN) History- ARPANET (1969)- Nuclear attack on the US, Communications for the Military Common communications method for all computers. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn- “Fathers of the Internet”- Reasearchers developed prorocol standards used in the internet today. Internet used mainly by- Academic institutions, Scientists, Government (Used mainly for communications and research) Why did internet grow- World Wide Web- (3 H’s)- Hypertext, Hyperlinks, Hypermedia First graphical web browsers- 1994 Who controls the internet today- No government body in control Organizations develop technical aspects (Set standards for creating applications) Owned by private companies Internet Services- Email- Most popular WWW- World Wide Web FTP- File Transfer Protocol
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Unformatted text preview: Usenet- newsgroup IRC- Internet Realy Chat Blogs Podcast Webcasts How data travels- Client Server (network) Web browser Internet backbone IP Address Web Browser- Software that allows you to access the world wide web 1995- Mosaic Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Safari Internet Backbone- Main artery of the internet High speed communication lines All internet traffic flows IP Address- Internet Protocol- Unique ID # for internet connected computers 4-part number Websites are assigned IP #’s Connecting to the Internet- Dial-up (Modem- modulate/demodulate) Advantages- Cheap Disadvantages- Lack of speed, ties up phone lines Broadband options- DSL (digital subscriber line) ADSL (Asymmetrical) SDSL (Symmetrical) Cable- TV, Fiber Optic Lines, Cable Modem (NIC, USB) Satellite...
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COMPUTER NOTES FEB 28 2008 - Usenet- newsgroup IRC-...

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