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Walking into the movie theatre, one has an idea of what they are about to see. Months before the release of a movie, we are surrounded with advertisements; whether it be trailers on TV, merchandise in stores or pop-up ads online. It is with that in mind that I assert my opinion that companies such as Clean Flicks, which modify the mature content of films, should not be permitted. Clean Flicks is a company that would purchase movies, edit the “mature content” out of them and then rent or sell them. While they claim that they are providing a broader range of entertainment to audience to whom the sex and violence offends that is protected under the first amendment, this is not the case. The films they are editing are copyrighted and reflect the creative and artistic views of the creator. These movies are direct outlets of the creator’s imagination and showcase their unique outlook on specific topics and issues. By editing them, they are changing vital parts of the story, altering someone else’s intimate, creative product. They claim that they are protected under the
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