Down on The Farm

Down on The Farm - 1 Jillian Ogden Crummey Adv Comp Travel...

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1 Jillian Ogden 3/31/2008 Crummey Adv. Comp. Travel Essay Down On the Farm Growing up, my favorite place to be was my great uncle’s farm. From the hundreds of rows of green and yellow sweet corn and soybeans, the whirs and clanks of tractor engines, or the everlasting smell of bacon in my uncle’s house, I couldn’t imagine a greater place on this earth. Uncle Donald lived right down the road from my old house in Raymond. In the summer, Dad would load me into his old yellow farm truck and drive the half mile to the farm. As soon as we pulled into the drive, I would hop out and go visit “my cows”. I loved to pet their cold, wet, velvety noses, and feel their warm breath on my skin. I had names for all of them, and when Uncle Donald would sell them to be slaughtered, I would name his new shipment of babies all over again. After I finished greeting the cows, it was off to the white machine shed, where I would be met with the musky smell of grease and the hum of tractor engines. Dad and I would fill our big blue thermos with ice cold water, grab a few peanut butter and sweet honey sandwiches out of the tiny green fridge, and climb up into the massive red and white tractor. With the turn of a key, the
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This essay was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course CO 240 taught by Professor Crummey during the Spring '08 term at Blackburn College.

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Down on The Farm - 1 Jillian Ogden Crummey Adv Comp Travel...

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