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It all started in my sixth grade math class. Mr. Murphy asked me to name all of the place values. “Ones….tens…. .hundredths, thousandths…uh….,” I froze. “Ones….tens….hundredths…thousandths….uh….um…,” “Uh and um are not a place values Ms. Ogden!” exclaimed Mr. Murphy. “Come with me.” I can’t even begin to describe the embarrassment I felt when Mr. Murphy grabbed me by the hand and led me out of class, down the stairs, and into the school’s “discipline room”. He gave me a notebook and pencil, and told
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Unformatted text preview: me that I couldn’t come back to class until I could “recite the place values in my sleep”. I didn’t go back to class for the rest of the week. Have you ever seen this bumper sticker? It’s funny, right? Too bad my geometry teacher didn’t think so. Oh well. God blessed me with many talents, but math definitely isn’t one of them. And I’m okay with that. I seriously doubt that I will ever be faced with a situation in which knowing logarithms will be a life or death thing. And if it is, well, then I guess I’m screwed....
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