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Emily Farner A33760415 Fog of War When it comes to running a business there is a lot to learn in many aspects. After viewing the documentary “The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara” there were many lessons that can be applied to a business strategy plan. In this film, Robert McNamara explains eleven lessons he learned from his life and his seven years he served as Secretary of Defense for the United States. Robert S. McNamara was likely the most hated man in America during the Vietnam War, however he was one of the driving forces behind US policy in Vietnam during this time. McNamara was an extremely strategical man and was able to see the big picture many times, to which others could not. His time served as Secretary of Defense gave him many life lessons, which can be related to business strategy. All of these lessons can be applied to business strategy however; three of these lessons can be applied more universally. These three lessons are to Maximize Efficiency, Be Prepaid to Reexamine Your Reasoning, and Never Say Never. The first lesson as it relates to business strategy is to Maximize Efficiency. In the film, Robert McNamara refers to when the B52 Bombers were used against Japan in the Vietnam War. He goes on to explain how the planes were not being used properly and as far as the McNamara was concerned too many civilian lives were lost unnecessarily by dropping these bombs. He goes on to say “In that single night, we burned to death 100,000 Japanese civilians in Tokyo: men, women, and children.” (McNamara, 2003) He explains that in order to maximize efficiency you have to know all aspects when making your decisions as well as have the insight to see what your actions will cause. When it comes to business strategy we can use this lesson,
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Emily Farner A33760415 Maximize Efficiency to its best ability. First off, one of the main focuses for a company or organization is how efficient it is running. Running efficiently can not only save company or organization money but it can improve product quality. Taking Robert McNamara’s advice would mean a company would not only need to know all the facts but it would also have to develop the insight to see how its actions will affect the future. In order to develop this within an organization past production needs to be analyzed to see what the prior facts were. Finally, being able to know the facts about your surrounding environments as well as businesses within your segment will allow you to have better insight about what the new actions will cause in the businesses future. Doing this allows you to learn from the mistakes from other companies as well as learn from past mistakes your
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Fog of War - Emily Farner A33760415 Fog of War When it...

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