Chapter 5 Outline

Chapter 5 Outline - September 14, 2007 Chapter 5 Notes...

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September 14, 2007 Chapter 5 Notes 1. Properties of Compounds in Aqueous Solutions 1. Aqueous: a solution in which water plays a major role 2. Solution: homogeneous mixture of two or more substances 1. Solvent: medium in which the other substance that is dissolved 2. Solute: the substance that is dissolved 3. Ions in Aqueous Solution: Electrolytes 1. Dissolving ionic solid requires separating each ion from oppositely charged ions surrounding it in solid state 2. Water good at dissolving ionic compounds 1. Each molecule has both positive and negative end 2. Ionic compound dissolved in water each molecule of the ion surrounded by water molecule 3. Ions free to move about 1. Electrodes make ion movement no longer random 1. Electrodes: conductors of electricity 2. Compounds that aqueous solutions conduct electricity are electrolytes 4. Types of electrolytes 1. Strong electrolytes: solutions good electrical conductors b/c of presents of ions 2. Weak electrolytes: dissociate only partially in a solution and poor conductor of electricity 3. Non electrolytes: dissolve in water but don’t ionize 5. Solubility of ionic compounds in water 1. Not all completely dissolve in water 2. Classifying Reactions in Aqueous Solution 1. Important b/c way to make useful products and occur on the earth and in plants and animals 2. Exchange reactions: ions of reactants changed partners 3. Precipitation reactions: combine in solution to form an insoluble reaction product 1. Precipitation Reactions 1. Precipitation reaction produces precipitate 1. Precipitate: water insoluable 2. Reactants generally water soluable ionic compounds 1. Dissociate to give appropriate cations and ions but if cation from one
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Chapter 5 Outline - September 14, 2007 Chapter 5 Notes...

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