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Lab 1 Notes - Experiment#1 Introduction to Scientific...

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Experiment #1: Introduction to Scientific Literature 1. Sources of information: 1. Journals 2. Chemistry handbooks 3. Google is WRONG 2. Find information on pollutant concerning Texas 3. LibCat - library online catalog 1. ? as truncation symbol 4. Bibliographic style - the approved way of listing information such as author, title, page numbers, and dates that identify a book or journal 1. Author, Journal name, Year, Volume, Pages 5. Database - large compilation of information that can be immediately accessed and manipulated by a computer data processing system. Libraries have electronic databases that index the journal literature as well as others that contain numerical data such as statistics. 6. Professional Journal - a serial in which professionals in the field publish articles to communicate findings to each other. 7. Serial - a publication that is issued in parts indefinitely over time; includes journals, periodicals, magazines, almanacs, annual reports, etc.
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