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Lab 2 Preparation - are evaluated A test strip is then...

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Prelab for Chemistry 111: Experiment 2 Mindy McDuffie Statement of Problem The goal of this project is to determine the source of nitrate poisoning using samples collected from a variety of vegetation and water consumed by Bevo. Summary of Methods Samples of vegetation and water are issued in order to test for nitrate. Through the serial dilutions of potassium nitrate, a guide to the definition of the colors of the nitrate test strips is obtained. In order to do this, two samples of potassium nitrate are measured to specific volumes and new solution samples of differing concentrations are obtained. Concentrations of these new solution samples can be compared to the original, and nitrate concentration can be obtained. Diphenylamine solution will be mixed with each serial dilution so that the known and unknowns
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Unformatted text preview: are evaluated. A test strip is then dipped into the diphenylamine and serial dilution mixture and the color change indicates the concentration of nitrate. Data Collection Different data tables are prepared in order to establish references used to determine which source contained the most nitrate. One data table describes the nitrate anion concentrations and the source. A second data table indicates each solution and its concentration in molarity, molality, and ppm. A third data table indicates the solution, its concentration, and color change of the test strip. From the comparison of these three data tables, the concretions of nitrate in unknown solutions is determined; therefore, the source of the nitrate poisoning is identified....
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