Biology 111 - Cell Division Review

Biology 111 - Cell Division Review - Cell Division Exercise...

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Cell Division Exercise 9 Review Sheet NOTE: To make these review sheets I literally just go through the lab manual from the first page…for the most part. Something that may help you answer everything on this review sheet is to start on p.132 and answer the questions. I will accept ANY answer that is either in my powerpoint or in your book. If I make a mistake in grading, you may come to me and I will rectify the situation. It’s OK! How do prokaryotes divide? (The basics) Binary Fission – Begins w/ replication of circular DNA strand. Parent splits into 2 daughter cells. Where are chromosomes found in eukaryotic cells? Nucleus Mitosis refers to the division of the ____________________. Nucleus What is karyokinesis? Nuclear division What is cytokinesis? Division of the cytoplams How is cytokinesis different than mitosis? Cytokinesis is division of cytoplasm and mitosis is division of nucleus What are some purposes of mitosis? Division of nucleus and dispersal of replicated DNA to two identical daughter cells. At the end of mitosis you end up with how many daughter cells? 2 identical daughter cells Are the daughter cells genetically different or genetically identical? Genetically identical If a diploid organism undergoes mitosis, are the two resulting daughter cells haploid or diploid? Haploid What does haploid or diploid mean anyway? Diploid- 46 chromosomes (2 sets of chromosomes), Haploid – 23 chromosomes (1 set of chromosomes) What is the difference between somatic and sex cells? Somatic are all cells that are not sex cells and sex cells only are involved in reproduction
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Biology 111 - Cell Division Review - Cell Division Exercise...

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