Chapter 3 Outline

Chapter 3 Outline - August 30, 2007 Chapter 3: Molecules,...

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August 30, 2007 Chapter 3: Molecules, Ions, and Their Components 1. Molecules, Compounds, and Formulas 1. Molecule the smallest unit that a pure substance can be divided and retain composition and chemical properties 1. Identical molecules of atoms/elements bound together 2. Compounds differ from elements 1. Compounds have different characteristics of the parent elements 3. Formulas 1. Sometimes there are more than one way to write formulas 1. Just writing words doesn’t show the structure 1. Is important 2. Helps understand how molecule can interact with other molecules 2. Condensed formula 2. Condensed formulas 1. Shows some structural information 2. Indicates how the atoms are grouped together 3. Basically pay attention to the arrangement of the letters 3. Structural formulas 1. Higher level of structural detail 2. How the atoms are attached 3. Lines represent a chemical bond 4. See Figure 3.1 For examples of formulas 2. Molecular Models 1. Physical and chemical properties of molecular compound closely related to structure 1. Hard to represent 3D 2. Types of Molecular models: 1. Ball and stick model: 1. spheres in different colors make atoms 2. sticks represent bonds 3. easy to see how bonds attach 2. space filling model: 1. more realistic 2. relative sizes of atoms and proximity to each other 3. disadvantage: atoms can often be hidden 3. Ionic Compounds: Formulas, Names, and Properties 1. Molecular compounds: consist of discrete molecules at particulate level 2. Ionic compounds: consist of ions, atoms, or groups that have positive or negative charge 3. Ions 1. Con lose or gain electrons 2. To predict results of a chemical reaction need to know whether element likely gain or
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Chapter 3 Outline - August 30, 2007 Chapter 3: Molecules,...

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