Principles of Macroeconomics (with Xtra!)

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Announce-B06 The ECMB06 MIDTERM Grades are posted HERE . As you will notice they have been "Belled", in fact by quite a lot. This accomplishes several things not the least of which are: helps to compensate for the difficult conditions for preparing for and writing our midterm; plus addresses the tight grading (as per the answers) of the challenging problems (Q3 & Q4); and helps to provide a better signal of where ones present performance has placed us within the group as a whole by using an average grade that adheres to the normal
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Unformatted text preview: historical course average. I am also proposing that the grading scheme be modified. I propose that if a student scores significantly better on the final exam then the weighting scheme (for that student) would change to 30% (midterm) & 70% (final) rather than the present 50%/50% split. SOLTIONS are posted at the following locations: Version #1 Version #2 file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Linda%20Grauer/M. ..ts/Dolores/U%20of%20Toronto/ECM%20B06/Midterm-B06.html [2/6/2008 12:16:48 PM]...
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