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Speech 2 Outline - Mindy McDuffie October 9, 2007 What's...

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Mindy McDuffie October 9, 2007 What’s Best? Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the opposing sides to the abortion debate. Central Idea: There are two sides to the abortion debate: pro choice and pro life. I. Introduction a. Close your eyes and imagine if you were pregnant. b. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, one-third of pregnancies in the United States are unwanted and over half of unwanted pregnancies occur to women in their twenties. c. (Overview) Modern technology has allowed for women to have options after incurring an unwanted pregnancy; however, the option to abort the pregnancy has been a hot topic of debate for many years. (Preview) Today I am going to give you a little information about the opinions of the prochoice and prolife sides of the debate, followed by the legal actions taken in the United States in regards to abortion. (Transition: To begin, I will inform you on the points of view of the people who are ProLife.) II. Body a. People have many different ideas and theories about when human life begins. Laws against abortion are an attempt to impose one particular theory, the theory that life begins at conception. i. The central argument for those who are consider themselves ProLife is that despite the fact that the child is unborn, the fetus is still a human being. 1. According to an article by a professor at Princeton University and a plethora of medical journals and scientific textbooks, life begins at conception. 2. At the moment of conception, all of the inherited features of this new person are already set – whether it’s a boy or girl, the color of the eyes, the color of the hair, the dimples of the cheeks and the cleft of the chin. 3. The Constitution of the United States grants equal protection for all human beings.
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Speech 2 Outline - Mindy McDuffie October 9, 2007 What's...

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