Speech 1 Written Draft

Speech 1 Written Draft - September 14, 2007 Ciao Bella...

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September 14, 2007 Ciao Bella Specific Purpose: Central Idea: I. Introduction a. When I walked into my grandparents’ familiar home, I expected to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins; instead, however, I walked inside to find two strangers. No, they were not robbing the house, they were cooking! I tried to ask them who they were and why they were inside my grandparents house, but they both stood there, stirring their food, and staring at me. I repeated myself saying, “hello. May I ask who you are?” and this time one of them responded in broken English, “hello. Robbie I am. Cousin of Charlene.” Well considering Charlene is my grandmother, I figured they must have been her guests. Shortly after, my grandmother walked inside and introduced the girls. Their names were Robbie and Nadia and they had come from Torino, Italy to stay with their American relatives. While they stayed with us, they taught us a little about our culture, including the language, popular dishes, and the typical Italian lifestyle. Today I am going share with you first how their visit inspired me to learn more about my heritage, second why my ancestors came to America, and finally how I have incorporated my Italian background more into my daily life. NEED CENTRAL IDEA? b. D c. D II. Body a. Prima di tutto, or first in Italian, let me introduce you to my Italian culture. At first thought, what are your perceptions of Italy? Most people think of
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Speech 1 Written Draft - September 14, 2007 Ciao Bella...

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