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Sample Outline - i We need to do cardiovascular exercise...

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Sample Outline Note: This outline does not include citations. Please refer to your speech packet for information specific to your presentation. I. Introduction A. How many of us reach for coffee or a sugary snack each afternoon? B. If you’re like me, you lead a busy life and are always feeling tired. We rely on caffeine or junk food to make it through the day. C. (Overview) In the next few minutes, we’ll see how to increase our energy levels healthfully. (Preview) First, we’ll look at the role nutrition plays. Secondly, we’ll look at how exercise helps. Finally, we’ll look at simple ways we can boost our energy levels. II. Body A. First, let’s discuss how what we eat affects our energy. i. It’s important to eat a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates. ii. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, natural energy boosters. iii. Some foods, like fatty and fried foods, can actually make us feel tired and sluggish. B. Secondly, let’s discuss how exercise affects our energy.
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Unformatted text preview: i. We need to do cardiovascular exercise, like fast walking, to strengthen our hearts. ii. Building muscle, like weight training, can also help. iii. Try to be active each day to strengthen your body and raise energy levels. C. Lastly, let’s discuss simple ways to boost our energy. i. Be sure to get enough rest each night. ii. Remember to breathe deeply and take regular breaks in order to reduce stress during the day. iii. Maintaining positive social networks can also help to rejuvenate our energy. III. Conclusion A. (Overview) Today we’ve discussed how to maintain energy by (review) first, eating well, secondly, exercising, and finally, following simple tips to boost energy. B. Next time you reach for that 3:00 candy bar, think about why you’re feeling tired. Perhaps this presentation can help you find healthier ways to make it through that busy day....
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Sample Outline - i We need to do cardiovascular exercise...

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