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Lab 4 Technical Abstract

Lab 4 Technical Abstract - Technical Abstract The Copper...

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Technical Abstract The Copper Cycle Mindy McDuffie, Allan Ready, and Ms. Hye Jin Chun (T.A.) Chemistry 111, Texas A&M University, Fall 2007 Introduction Bioavaliable is used to describe when a substance is in a form that can cause a biological effect. Copper is an important element found all over the world. Copper is most abundant in nature as a native ore or mixed with other elements that are distinguished by a blue green color. Coppper is an important part of the world economy, as it is used by the electrical industry and commercial applications such as an algaecide and fungicide. Furthermore, copper can be used in ceramics, glassware, fireworks, and the manufacture of rayon. Because copper is such a universal element, different chemical reactions can be evidenced by reacting copper with other elements and compounds. The experiment allows for the examination of the properties of the copper salts that are produced and the characteristics of the reactions that produce these species.
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