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1. Consequences of the preparation and publication of financial statements include: Effects on stock prices Effects on management bonuses Effects on employee bonuses Loss of competitive information 2. In general, revenues are reported for goods and services_________ whether or not they have been ________. That have been sold; Paid For 3. The ________ reports on how a company’s operations improved or harmed its financial position for the period. Income Statement 4. The _______ ratio measures how many time current earnings investors are willing to pay for a company’s stock.
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Unformatted text preview: Price-Earnings Ratio 5. In general, two types of issues that arise in reporting periodic income to users are _________ and ________. Recognition (When) ; Measurement (What amount) 6. If a firm relaxes credit policies for new customers, the new policy would most likely cause the total asset turnover ratio (average sales/ average total assets) to ________. Decrease 7. The difference between an assets acquisition cost and accumulated depreciation (its related contra account) is called its ___________. Net Book Value Book Value Carrying Value...
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