chem202_april1998 - CHEM 202-April 1998 1. a) Write the...

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CHEM 202 —April 1998 1. a) Write the names of the following coordination compounds: i) [PtCl(H 2 O) 2 (NH 3 )]Cl ii) [Ni(en)Cl 2 ] (en = ethylenediamine = N N ) iii) K 3 [Fe(ox) 2 Br 2 ] (ox = oxalate = - O O - ) b) Draw the structures of all possible geometrical isomers of the complex species from part a), given that the geometries for the complex species i), ii), and iii) are square planar, tetrahedral, and octahedral, respectively. In your answer, state which of the structures you have drawn has (have) an optical isomer. c) i) Write a balanced equation for the following reaction: When the amminechlorobis(ethylenediamine)cobalt (III) ion is allowed to stand in water, the chloride ligand is displaced by a water molecule. ii) The reaction in part i) is thought to proceed by an S N 1 mechanism. What is the coordination number of the Co in the transition state? d) [Rh(CN) 6 ] 3- is diamagnetic, while [RhF 6 ] 3- is paramagnetic. Explain this difference in terms of crystal field theory (draw energy level diagrams), and state the number of unpaired electrons on the central ion in each complex.
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2. The phase diagram for sulphur is shown below. Sulphur has two forms of solid, monoclinic and rhombic. Using the phase diagram, answer the following questions. a) The transition from the rhombic to the monoclinic form of sulphur is endothermic at 95.4 0 C. The monoclinic form of solid sulphur is: S I or S II (circle the correct answer) b) The density of the S I form of sulphur is greater than that of S II form at 95.4 0 C. True or False (circle the correct answer) c) At temperature of 93.0 0 C and a pressure of 0.02 atm, solid sulphur will convert into sulphur vapour, reducing the amount of solid present. True
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chem202_april1998 - CHEM 202-April 1998 1. a) Write the...

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