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Unformatted text preview: a.) :4 ' ‘ V “ PRACTICE MIDTERM A . BIOLOGY 200" . S‘EUWV 033 oa-llifiMH 3E6T~\'t°\c\la ' 1. The following molecules are assembled into the phospholipids which are major constituents of cell membranes. Name each one of the units (or the class to which it belongs if you don't recognize the individual structure) and show how they are linked together by draWing the complete structure of a phospholipid made up from these molecules. Name the phospholipid. (8 marks) 0 CH3 (CH2).SCOOH ll HO?~OH I OH ‘ i .. DO NOT FiEill t . . E CHZOH CHa-éxk-CHz-CHZOH l .' CHOH 'CHS I . CHZOH CH3(CH2),CH=CH(CH2),COOH 23.,Which of the following is the smallest value? (2 marks) 12%) 5.0 x10 6 cm THE UNIVERSITY or ' . . BRlTlSH COL b) 5000 microns _ Counselling Services UMBM c)5.0 x10 3{liregstroi'n units Student SerViCuS d) ’50 x10 °mm 1200- 1874 EastVMall e) 5.0 x10°nm - Van°°uven 8-0. var 121 3X2 marks) Which of the following is not true? a. Phospholiplds have hydrophillc and hydrophobic regions. b. Proteins form continuous layers in the plasma membrane. c. Membrane pores oonsisTof transmembrane proteins. d. Animal cells without cholesterol will lyse. e. Glycoliplds are used in cell recognition. 4. (4 marks) Complete the following sentences by inserting the appropriate term . from the list provideA; \ V" communicating. sealing, adhering. plant t $9 ...
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