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Phil 433 2007 Final Exam Study Questions The final exam in this course will have three parts: True/False, short answer questions and one essay question. You will have some choice for the short answer and essay questions. The essay will be something we have not discussed and will require you to apply what you what you have learned. The following questions are provided to help you in your preparations for the final. Most of them are both more complex and require longer answers than any single question that you will encounter on the exam. They are intended to cover all the material that you might be asked about on the final. The exam covers material from the whole term. What are the commonly accepted goals of any health care system? Explain each of them. How could they be justified? Are they relevant to all societies? Explain act and rule utilitarianism. What are some of the major criticisms of these theories? Use examples in your explanation. What are the three conceptions of justice in regard to health care we discussed in class? Explain each one and identify the moral ideal in each. What are the major differences between them? What are the two types of research of interest to bioethicists? What is the main difference between them? What is similar? What is a normative statement? Give an example of both a normative and a non-normative statement and explain the difference between them. Explain the main features of Kantian deontology. How do we make decisions based on his theory? What is his argument against suicide?
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Philosophy 433AStudy questionsdoc - Phil 433 2007 Final...

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