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WRG Worksheet 5 - WRG Worksheet 5: South Asia and...

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WRG Worksheet 5: South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa 1. a) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for years now we have been thoughtlessly going along with this war on terror to the benefit of Pakistani dictator Perves Musharraf. Now things have gotten out of control and Bush is now saying that America is opposed to the crackdown, but he is not willing to take any necessary steps to stop it. We should be asking Musharraf to resign and allow his more moderate opponents who support democracy to take over. With the arrest and detention of hundreds of Musharraf's political and a complete shutdown of news operations within Pakistan, one can see that this is a very Taliban-like government in Pakistan right now. Martial law in Pakistanis an outrage, and we should be ashamed of going along with it. Musharraf is single-handedly showing the flaws in our foreign policy. After 9/11, we should have reached out and developed strong ties with the real Islamic community in the world, especially the non- extremist Islamic moderates, who make up the majority of Muslims around the world. We should have taken advantage of the sympathy the United States had after the 9/11
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WRG Worksheet 5 - WRG Worksheet 5: South Asia and...

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