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Test expectations chapter 10

Test expectations chapter 10 - 5)build sentences(dependent...

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Test expectations 1) oral questions (like: Was koennen sie gut machen; review all the warm ups in the beginning of the lessons) 2) fill in the blank (modalverbs, articles, personal pronouns in nom. And especially in accusative.) 3) wenn/weil clauses: remember verb goes last!!! Distinguish between dependent and independent clause!!! 4) combine sentences: like Ich bleibe zu Hause. (Weil) Ich bin krank.
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Unformatted text preview: 5)build sentences (dependent and independent sentences) zu Hause/ bleiben/ ich // krank/ sein/ weil/ ich. 6) pictures geistige und koerperliche Verfassung (handout) 7) Hoerverstaendnis 8) Leseverstaendnis 9) Was ist logisch? 10) Richtig/falsch Fragen text p. 126 and Joseph Bergmann in Regensburg (handout)...
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