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Anthro week 3 reading review

Anthro week 3 reading review - I found scarification to be...

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Anthro 104 Week 3 Reading Review In the first paragraph of chapter 8, I was astonished to read that head shaping was a common practice in Chile 5,000 years ago and even up to the 18 th century in France. I kept trying to think of possible reasons for why certain cultures believed that to be necessary. I was quick to realize that we shape our bodies as well, just not our heads. We work out and try to get that perfectly shaped or sculpted body. I am also sure that those cultures would be just as surprised with some things we do to our bodies as well. I liked the part that said body art is often misunderstood and misinterpreted because the meanings cannot exactly translate between cultures. I really agree with that because it is so blatantly true. People hold all sorts of opinions or beliefs about what other people do to their bodies. People may view the body art of another culture as disturbing, but it’s just because they do not understand what a specific kind of body art is supposed to portray or mean.
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Unformatted text preview: I found scarification to be extremely disturbing. I also found myself to be queasy when reading the in depth part of the different extremes of scarification. I thought the chapter about the veil was really confusing. There are so many different meanings behind a veil that I was not able to pick out just one main, uniform reason why women in the mentioned cultures wear them. Maybe there is no universal reason. Maybe it does vary heavily from culture to culture or person to person. All the personal viewpoints in the chapter reveal what each person thinks about veils. Some thought it was derogatory to women but some thought it was empowering. Some thought it was to help control a woman’s sexual urges while others thought it was to be a public display of a woman’s religious belief. I noticed many different opinions on the use of a veil and I don’t think there is a universal meaning to it....
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Anthro week 3 reading review - I found scarification to be...

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