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Anthro 104 Week 4 Reading Review While reading the opening paragraph of chapter 17, I agreed with the fact that we would be more kinship-centered if we were in a society where our social horizons were limited to the distance we could walk in a day. Our technology is so elaborate now that we can contact almost anybody, anywhere, anytime. Our kinship extends much further and maybe closer to others than just our family because of our communication abilities. I found it interesting that Kanji and his wife waited until Rupani first menstruated to begin discussing her marriage. I found it odd that daughters do not inherit from their fathers although there is a national law giving them a right to do so. I was also shocked when I read that females do not adopt the arak name of their husband’s when they get married. It seems as though many of the laws and traditions are male
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Unformatted text preview: dominated and I would have thought for sure that the females adopt the husband’s name like we do in America. I was very excited to see that chapter 28 was related to baseball because I love sports and I knew I would be able to comprehend this reading very easily. When I play sports, I never had pre-game rituals as elaborate as the ones I read about here. I would never car about what time I would leave for a game, how I warmed up before, or what I ate before. I would always put my clothes on in the same order but I think that might have just been from habit. The only thing that I know I did as a ritual was run out onto the football field between the same two teammates every game. The thing that I found most random in this reading was how Wade Boggs left for a 7:05 game at 1:47....
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