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Anthro 104 Week 5 Reading Review The most interesting chapter in this week’s reading assignment was the one about Hamlet. I liked reading that one the most because I was able focus the whole time unlike the other two which I found quite boring. I have read Hamlet so I enjoyed hearing the elder men’s interpretation of the meaning compared my interpretation of it. It was funny towards the end when one of the men took a guess at what happened at the end of the novel. I was thinking he was way off but then when he described how he was right, I realized he actually was right. I was fascinated how differently the men interpreted the story compared to the common American interpretation. I could understand the author’s frustration when she would try to describe something to the men that did not directly translate or something that they have no concept of.
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Unformatted text preview: The reading about the Na and their non-binding relationships had some pretty interesting elements but the fact that stood out to me the most was that 50 percent of the adults have syphilis. It is definitely believable but it’s still startling. It was pretty humorous to read the part about the males trying to be sneaky as hell when they go to a women’s house for a little late night action. They may have to sneak past a dog, climb a couple fences, throw some stones or simply knock on the front door. It was hard for me to maintain focus on the chapter about the uterine family because nothing about it really jumped out at me when I was reading it. Nothing was shocking or exciting. It just made me feel bad for the women that they are not highly thought of and that they have to find a place in a so called family....
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