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Anthro 104 Week 6 Reading Review The first thing that grabbed my attention was in the prologue when I read that temperatures can reach -96 degrees F in Northeast Siberia. The coldest temperatures I get exposed to are probably around -20 degrees and I can barely stand that. The fact that the association between reindeer and flying has been around much longer than the typical American ideas about Santa Claus kind of surprised me. However, the following description about the history of reindeer and sledges made it clear that our belief about reindeer and sleighs is merely a modified idea. I liked how the book showed the progression of the images of reindeer on the reindeer stones. The drawings start out very vague but then develop into more detailed images. They all seem to have the same template for a design but the detail differs greatly.
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Unformatted text preview: The process of putting a reindeer mask on a sacrificed horse showed me that people who live off of these animals dont take them for granted at all. Another thing that proves their appreciation is the tattoos found on the preserved and mummified bodies. I enjoyed the two legends that are supposedly the way that domestication of the reindeer first emerged. They both seem farfetched but I guess thats how most legends are. I like how both stories establish the idea that the domestication benefits both the human and the animal. I didnt like the fact that the Soviets tried to intervene with the way the reindeer people live. This intervention reminded me of how the Chinese government tried to civilize the Na and force them to have permanent spouses....
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