Review-quiz2 - lJ"te poir: *,{ U* ,?r L-onT\vlzLtou:...

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lJ"te ,Jr,{| gMf ' f t,v*'! 4o 7ap^, (r,y) = ) ^ ), '/ " Mamivq{ 0uFsr *ff 'P{s} " .f&flxvrny) 6<'1kt} fl*r (x,3) = kfi= qftv{x3} 1' Prftl) " q-fuv{r,g ry' $(*'Y): f,w (u, ) Lf- F*,-, {x,rl (x,3'l;grx,1t,,* u o ),Y ./^\ fx Pn,, (xr3): p[x"" il ELxtvl= f"fl*', X indn{ w}'n,rvt @ Y k, j)' fx{x) fv d1) til"ry&.)S E[w},46nr*,5t frrtr,y) f\ r\ . fi -a t,ond-,lt1qy\oX flM l- ; txy) poir: *,{ U* ,?r L-onT\vlzLtou: - EI!_!LF , F* ,, (x,l p -(r<r, y*S pfr=", y = j) " _*L_Iur &v rrji " TfuTJuu ) ,c-i|-. J -ffi]X{.* {xryfx ,\) >, i'f{,1,,,,))or ,Prc) ={ftxyrx,jrd*fu tp flfi,tsi^) F"Q M o rginil PDFs , (x q) ry ,xd I' tx ) Y( ll + :l ,-_f{r,v(r, y }* '^f{^n{x,g} a Qe - IEn*n ivr xv gfiaw Lbr rcepar.c fr ave*att {S. XrV inC*(L,AAand. e {; c,.,?) "{*at d,\} # N'1 x,v) q;rr,o= i( e^,, (x3r dry :J lO{r,g){x,y(x,y}d x Gndit\onC pdf : {*,n(*,J) fu-$- er {Yi =Lx lY I : Lnf,n, ('gctx E[l'llJ,
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n F /\ , tl I r l-nirs _j\ [email protected]_" Vqrj_$fu}s " Ex(e*?\o_n^, - Fo *- erv\A nqy\d.ona va ric& lsJ X o*t{ Y, U a [x* Y] = L[y]" EIY ] Ccfr"e -A^,ttovr coefl6iqi€#rf f^,* X,Y utA1nwe-Ls'twl <e kvfr,ti= o r Y on thSo vrcu( @ E tX,y J= o ' Fun, c+ ions a$ two RVs, [ *nn't-tvreao,nq Voc [x* Y] = V*rflyl * W*qr f,vl + ] Lf (r/,ltv Ttnv]] Cov.rr iqn ca ', OoV [x tyJ = g[ t x*/*)ty lr)J Co nrolal ion, fr,v g[xVJ Cavtx,yJ \ ^ i nd,nye*ilLrt qn,o,,r" { Case ) W53{r,v) &"J, W"rvrax(r'y)) w=X*Y, px[= g\f: rnin(x'y) F, (*) = P( W sN) * p [rn\6fnv) { *}: J- ff*ivrtvuY} tsu} = ' 1- "P( x>br, vl*:) f Jf*" rY(Y\J)d "4 4* S te-p {lr.ot. Fw (r^,) : p {W * u,) J*o\ Jt"f 1-o t o t"t" de$ivasiua* to 3at ( m
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course STATS MN 308 taught by Professor Paschalidis during the Spring '08 term at BU.

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Review-quiz2 - lJ"te poir: *,{ U* ,?r L-onT\vlzLtou:...

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