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Spanish 003 Syllabus : Day Sections Fall 2007 1. Bring your textbooks ( Fuentes CyG = Conversación y gramática, and Fuentes LyR = Lectura y redacción) and your Activities Manual (AM) to class every day! 2. On the syllabus which follows, activities in the AM are designated by, first Chapter number, then Activity (= Act) number. 3. AM activities in [bracketed bold italics and marked “Entregar”] are to be passed in to your instructor at the beginning of the class for which they are due or as indicated by your instructor. They should be written out on a separate piece of paper. DO NOT rip pages out of your AM since you may need the backs of those pages for the next assignment!! Other AM activities have corresponding answers in the AM Answer Key for self-checking. You should be prepared to pass in all assigned activities, as even those with answers in the key may be collected on a spot-check basis. You should self-check your answers against the Workbook Answer Key to monitor your progress, and speak with your instructor about any questions you may have.
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