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Spring 2008 ENGWR 101: College Writing Instructor Sylvia E. Morales Essay Assignment 2 Questions Writers Ask Throughout the Process Overview & Objectives In our readings and our class discussions for this unit, we have considered writing as a process, not just a product. As writers go through this recursive process, they use questions in a variety of ways. Understanding the questions writers ask and how they use these questions will help you to become more aware of the process of writing, which means that you’ll have a better understanding of how to write to supplement your knowledge of what to write. Assignment Write an essay that analyzes how writers use questions throughout the writing process . You should have a thesis that makes a claim about a writer’s use of questions. Each paragraph should make a sub- claim (a topic sentence) that supports your main claim (your thesis); in addition, each paragraph’s sub- claim should be supported with specific examples and evidence. Audience
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