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HW1_Keypdf - PHY180 Homework 1 my Due September 5,2007 You...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY180 Homework 1 my Due September 5,2007. You should reason out answers to these questions. Even though they seem to call for facts you could look up, that' IS not what I want you to do. You may work together but when you are finished, don't write any answer you don't understand. 1. What time will the sun rise or set on the following days? Give your answer in Mountain Standard Time, as if we were at the center of the time zone. NOTE that Flagstaff is west of the time zone center, so if you want to compare your answers to what you see in the sky or to numbers in the newspaper, you would have to add about 30 minutes to your answers (DON'T make this correction for this course). Set on September 21 (12 hours of daylight)? 5 EM Set on June 21 (15 hours of daylight)? ! 3 d RiseonJune2l? EH30 3&1 , Set on February 1 (10 hours 28 minutes of daylight)? 5 ‘ I £1 fill/I Rise on February 1? E’Jj L fl 4! EDP-PST?” Where on earth would you be if (give all locations): Polaris were overhead? ”or Efl] pt? {9 Polaris were on the north horizon? EQ u 9 f0? You could see all the stars at one time or another? g EH (:1 a rag All of your stars were circumpolar? Mg 11" Polaris were 25 degrees above your horizon? 7. 5 o 5:1; 441-, f.“ 04 If the moon sets at 11:50 am today (Jan 14), what time would it rise tomorrow? l2'lfa am If Capella (a star) rises at 9. 46 pm tonight, what time will it rise tomorrow? t‘l- Ll 2 pm What time will Capeila rise in a month (assume 30 days)? 2' . {1 L I! 41 JL‘LZHLL What time would Capella rise in one year (assume 12 months)? If Capella rises in the northeast, in what direction will it be when it sets? 44 MC 9999‘s» 9’ SUP-PP“ © 1998 by A. P. Odell Modified by Jeff Henrikson 2004 ...
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