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Chapter 1: “Setting the Stage: Technology, the Manager and the Modern Enterprise” Terms: Disruptive technology Moore’s Law Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SarbOx or SOX) Mental Models Infrastructure Learning Objectives: In the past decade, how has technology helped bring about radical changes across industries and throughout societies? What is the impact of a disruptive technology? What is its trajectory? Why do we care? Technology has helped bring about radical changes in all aspects of businesses because they drive discovery and innovation that redefines modern marketing, accounting, finance, ect. Because technology has gotten faster and cheaper industries are able to decrease costs and increase revenue while also making things more efficient. This is important in society because through technology there is the creation of disruptive technologies, which then in turn provide more jobs and whole new industries that allow for innovation and exploration. The trajectory is that these disruptive technologies will eventually lose their peak and new entrants will come in and make it just be a whole new market (but also be the norm.). We care because companies need to keep moving and invest in technology so that they can have a competitive advantage over other companies in their industry. **trajectory- new technologies- big bang & frenzy-companies try to figure out how to use it-frenzy leads to crash because everyone is trying to use it- adjustment where the tech is integrated- golden age and it platues To what degree has technology permeated every business discipline? Be able to give a few examples of how technology has changed areas such as finance, marketing, operations, accounting, etc. What kinds of jobs are available to someone with an IT background? Technology has permeated every business discipline completely. For example, in finance i-bankers work on IPOs and sell stock on the public markets and IPOs need new firms and the tech industry is one that is sprouting new ones all the time. In addition, i-bankers also are involved in valuing merger and acquisition deals, which tech firms are also very active on now. In accounting, the entire career is basically founded on technology because the numbers are mostly recorded, store, and reported by information systems. Actually, the relationship between accounting and technology has never been closer, and the stakes have never been higher. In marketing, technology has caused the required skill set of people to drastically increase because workers have to understand how to use online channels to monitor consumer activity. Lastly, in operations technology has completely redesigned the process of supply chain management, factory automation, and service operations because they are now all tech-centric.
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MIS exam study guide - MIS301:Exam1StudyGuide...

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