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Hypertension - HTN 2nd - A) With Compelling Indications: use diuretics, ACE I, ARB, BB, CCB + other drug for compelling indication B) W/O Compelling Indication: Type Examples MOA ADRs Thiazide Diuretics - thiazide chronically decrease peripheral not significant if limit daily dose to 25 mg/day Chlorthalidone vascual resistance *hyperglycemia more likley to develop diabetes ACE Inhibitors - PRIL blocks conversion of ANG I to ANG II hyperkalemia blocks degradation of bradykinin persistent, dry cough ARBs - SARTAN do NOT affect bradykinin levels same as ACE I, not cough Direct Renin Inhibits aliskiren blocks renin from converting ANG to ANG I same as ACE I Beta Blockers - OLOL Cardioselective greater affinity for B1 receptors abrupt discontinuation can result in atenolol, betaxolol, bisoprolol, metoprolol preferred for HTN rebound HTN or increased heart rate Non-Selective greater affinity for B2 receptors nadolol, propranolol, timolol Intrinsic Sympathomimetic Activity partial beta-receptor agonists
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