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Tuberculosis - report vision loss Pyrazimamide Gout...

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Tuberculosis Higher Risk: crowded living conditions; immunosuppressant Transmitted via aerosolized droplets - airborne 1 -2 hours Drug ADRs Pt FYI: Isoniazid (INH) Peripheral neuropathy numbness/tingling empty stomach Liver Dysfunction elevated LFTs don’t discontinue growing TB Hypersensitivity fever, skin eruptions, lymphadenopathy Gynecomastia increased breast size in men - not common Rifampin Flu-like symptoms empty stomach Hematopoietic anticoagulants, oral contraceptives, digoxin don't discontinue Liver Dysfunction phenytoin red-orange discoloration Ethambutol Optic neuritis usually reversible take with food changes in color a way to catch early
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Unformatted text preview: report vision loss Pyrazimamide Gout inhibits renal excretion of urates PZA Glucose intolerance CAUTION: diabetics Liver failure Infestations Type Drug Caution Scabies Lindane- apply cream to all skin below neck toxicity in infants- skin burrows leads to - wash off 8 -12 hours later itching; hatch 14-17 days- treat sexual partners simultaneously Permethrin- safer in infants Pediculosis/Lice Permethrin cream - shampoo, rinse and dry hair- live in hair shafts close prethrins + piperonyl butoxide and lindane to skin for heat- active against Interactions: potent hepatic enzyme inducer...
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