Seizures - Seizures Type Barbiturates - phenobarbital -...

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Seizures Type Indications ADR's Dosing Drug Interactions Barbiturates partial seizures sedation start with low dose many drug interactions! - phenobarbital control of tonic-clonic seiz hypotension titrate up Pheno is potent enzyme inducer - primidone depression admin at bedtime also an OBJECT DRUG rash Hydantoins partial seizures & tonic- drowsiness cpsls, tblts, suspnsn many! Pheny is enzyme inducer - phenytoin clonic general seizures gingival hyperplasia IV, IM may inc effects of warfarin - fosphenytoin rash absorp dec if w/ food dec effect of oral contraceps, itraconazole, valproic acid Carbamazepine nausea, rash sspsn, cpsle, tblt autoinducer: induces own metabolism tonic-clonic seizures blurred vision no (IV) induces metabolism of other drugs dizziness ***first choice for complex partial seizures Valproic Acid all seizures GI effects - nausea, capsule, sus, EC tblt, enzyme inhibitor vomiting, diarrhea, syrup, "sprinkle", IV may inc conc's of phenobarb weight gain, drowsy
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Seizures - Seizures Type Barbiturates - phenobarbital -...

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