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Jose Rodriguez A40547990 Elodea nuttallii (Planch,) belongs to the Hydrocharitaceae family. These underwater perennial plants tend to grow as tangled masses in lakes, ponds and ditches. Each plant varies in appearance depending on growing conditions. Some have few leaves and fragile stems but others are bushy and tough. The elodea nuttallii also has long reaching stems with green sort of translucent leaves all arranged in whorls of 3 around the stem. The leaves are toothed along the edges but can only be seen by magnification. The Stem is longs and slender usually branched, its flower sometimes does not produce flowers. It has small white flowers growing in the ends of the long thread like stalks and has 3 petals and generally 3 sepals. Male flowers are rarely produced but when they are produced they grow in separate plants. Male flowers when present detach and most of the time becomes free- floating. The shortage of male plants is the reason of lack of seeds produced. The roots are turfs of fibrous nodes all along the stem. This plant is important because its food and
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Elodea nuttallii - Jose Rodriguez A40547990 Elodea...

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