Principles of Macroeconomics (with Xtra!)

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Announce-B06 Important Announcements - ECM B06 #5 The FINAL EXAM is soon ( Thursday, August 21st again in S361 from 2-4 PM ). New Office Hours are posted on my door (and elsewhere on this site) Remember that the final is: 2 hours in length Same style as past exams: 20 Multiple Choice questions (1/2 of exam weight) & 3 or 4 Short-answer questions Covers chapters 7 through 12 (Six chapters) Short-answer questions (see recommendations for the midterm exam for greater detail) Think of what model/chapter applies and what is exogenous (given) and endogenous (to be determined) Closed Economy Open Economy Both Short-Run (SR) Ch 10, 11 Ch 12 Ch 9 Long-Run (LR) Ch 11 Ch 8 (& last 3-4 pages of 12) 9, 7 Ch 9 IS/LM Model/Analysis means closed economy. Mundell-Fleming Model means open economy. Actually small open economy (SOE) with perfect capital mobility and no risk premium. Open economy has a flexible exchange rate unless told otherwise.
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Announce-B06-final(Summer) - Announce-B06 Important...

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