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Costanzi 1 Costanzi, Alan Pearson English 1301 CLHS November 13, 2007 Intriguing Internet Over the past couple decades, internet usage has grown exponentially. Nearly everyone has access to the Internet and it can be accessed anywhere on anything. With the latest technological advances, we are able to call a friend, listen to music, and surf the web all on the same device while being virtually anywhere. Since the Internet is so commonplace nowadays, just about every home, business, and school has the World Wide Web available. Although this immense progression in availability of the Internet is exceptionally useful, there are a few drawbacks such as online predators, sedentary lifestyles, and workers getting off task. Since the Internet has infiltrated homes, it has had significant advantages and disadvantages. At home, the Internet can be used for a great variety of things. Since the Internet has become so widely available, the advantages immediately became clear. Countless numbers of people wish they could talk to their relatives frequently who are scattered across the world. E- mails and instant messengers make it easy for the people to communicate with multiple friends and relatives at once without having to pay long distance phone bills. The convenience of the Internet has made it possible for many people to work from home. Many people are at their jobs many hours a day at least five days a week. The ability to use the Internet and work from home makes it possible for these people to spend less time at the office and more time with their families. While these improvements have helped America move into the technological age, there have been some drawbacks associated with Internet usage in homes. Since the Internet has
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Costanzi 2 conveniently allowed people to shop online, many people are buying things with credit cards over the Internet. This means that people are potentially exposing their personal information to anyone who wants to see it. All of this has allowed hackers to access credit card and social security numbers to steal someone’s identity. Identity theft has become a major problem and the Internet has made it much easier for people to access personal information. While the Internet has posed problems for adults with identity theft, it has taken another form as a problem for younger users. Many children would rather sit in front of a computer screen all day then spend
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CostanziA_ResearchPaper - Costanzi 1 Costanzi Alan Pearson...

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