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Costanzi 1 Costanzi, Alan Pearson English 1301 CLHS November 6, 2007 Unethical Embalming The American funeral is generally one of the most elegant and extravagant event in a person’s life, even though they are no longer living. To most Americans, a funeral is where they are able to have their last goodbyes with a loved one. That is why we want the deceased to be looking classy; clean shaven and in their Sunday best. Jessica Mitford being from England is unaccustomed and opposed to the American funeral. “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” is an essay depicting disturbing details that go into the embalming process to prepare the body for a funeral and open-casket viewing. Mitford wrote her essay because she was disgusted by the gruesome details, she wanted to inform people of exactly what goes on during embalming, and she hoped to persuade readers to avoid the embalming process. As Mitford learned of the steps taken to prepare a body, she was revolted. She describes the embalming process as vividly and grotesque as possible in her essay. Her gruesome details are enough to make the readers cringe. “His equipment, consisting of scalpels, scissors, augers, forceps, clamps, needles, pumps, tubes, bowls and basins, is crudely imitative of the surgeon’s,
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CostanziA_Essay4 - Costanzi 1 Costanzi, Alan Pearson...

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