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Costanzi 1 Costanzi, Alan Pearson English 1301 CLHS 29 September 2007 Merry Marriage Love’s mystery is one that has not been tackled since man has existed. The puzzlement of love always keeps us on our toes, which is why people love to be in love. But how do we know what true love is? Anjula Razdan, author of “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” explains that she is the result of an arranged marriage and that we can never know what love is. She witnessed first hand that many people may never understand true love, such as her parents. I agree with Razdan’s assertion that we cannot know what true love is because most people have arranged marriages, get married based on proximity and looks, or meet via the World Wide Web. Razdan illustrates the process of arranged marriages and how her parents were engaged. “Their relationship was set up over tea and samosas by their grandfathers, and they were already engaged when they went on their first date, a chaperoned trip to the movies” (Razdan 406). She goes on to explain that her parents obviously were not in love at the time of their marriage. These arranged marriages are usually based on a family’s status in society, not whether or not the bride and groom love each other, or even know each other. People in arranged marriages often have
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CostanziA_Essay2 - Costanzi 1 Costanzi Alan Pearson English...

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