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animal character chart-1 - Phylum Porifera Cnidaria...

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Phylum Porifera Cnidaria Ctenophora Nematoda Mollusca Phylum Classes None none Classes Sponges jellies comb jellies flatworms roundworms # Species 5500 10000 150 20000 25,000 93,000 # Species Example schistoma Tubatrix bivalve Example Symmetry radial radial radial bilateral bilateral bilateral Symmetry Body plan sac sac sac sac-like tube in tube tube in tube Body plan Tissues none diploblastic triploblastic? triploblastic triploblastic triploblastic Tissues Coelom n/a n/a n/a none pseudocoelomate protostomes Coelom Digestion spongocoel GVC GVC GVC alimentary canal Digestion Respiration diffusion Diffusion diffusion Diffusion diffusion gills Respiration Excretion diffusion Diffusion diffusion protonephridia simple ducts nephridium Excretion Circulation diffusion Diffusion diffusion diffusion diffusion open Circulation none nerve net nerve net phyrangeal nerve ring Movement sessile adults planktonic Movement Feeding parasitic Feeding Habitat marine marine marine any aquatic Habitat Platyhelminth es anthezoa,  scyphazoa,  hydrozoa,  cubozoa turbellaria,  trematoda,  cestoda adenophorea,  secernentea Bivalia,  Gastropoda,  polyplacophora , Cephalopoda Common  name snails, clams,  mussles, 
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animal character chart-1 - Phylum Porifera Cnidaria...

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