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Summary Policy Differences Democrats - Summary Policy...

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Summary Policy Differences Democrats/Republicans ISSUE DEMOCRATS REPUBLICANS LOBBYISTS Abortion & Stem Cell Pro-Choice - although some Democrats would allow some restrictions on "partial birth" abortions - provided there is an exception for "health" of mother (including mental health) . They are not necessarily opposed to offering other alternatives (e.g. adoption) - so long as a women can still choose abortion. Strongly Pro-Stem Cell Research All oppose human cloning Pro-Life : Many would seek to get rid of all abortions & favor a Constitutional Amendment to do so. The division is over whether or not to allow exceptions in event of rape, incest, or life of mother. Barring total elimination of abortions - Republicans like any measure that will reduce the numbers of abortions. Most Republicans do NOT accept "health of the mother" - esp. mental health a justifiable exception permitting an abortion - e.g. all would ban "partial birth" abortions without an exception for "health" of mother. Generally: Anti- Stem Cell Research . Some Republicans from Christian Coalition = Strongly Pro- Life , Strongly Anti-Stem Cell and Anti- Cloning. Americans for Democratic Way & Libertarians are Pro-Choice . Pro-Stem Cell Research. Libertarians only ones pro human cloning.
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North East and West - favor expanding stem cell research. Most oppose going beyond existing lines. Some think Pres. Bush went too far in allowing research. All Oppose Human Cloning Tax Policy: All Sides have "equity" and "efficiency" arguments. Lower Tax cuts (focus on reducing deficits and/or protecting social programs). Temporary Tax Cuts: phase-out w/ end of recession. Demand Side : Gear larger % of tax cut benefits to lower middle class & lower class (e.g. no special tax write-off for stock investments - child credit for people below tax line). Inheritance Tax : Keep Inheritance Tax on assets over one million dollars - eliminate taxes below one million. Higher Tax Cuts. Permanent Tax Cuts. Supply Side: Gear larger % of tax cuts to wealthy and upper middle classes (e. g. favor special
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Summary Policy Differences Democrats - Summary Policy...

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