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W3,O5 - C Reform and Scandal The Campaign of 1884 III...

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History 1053 U.S. History – Civil War to the Present Week 3, Lecture 5 “Politics” I. Politics and Culture A. Political Participation and Party Loyalty B. Sectionalism and the New South C. Gender, Race, and Politics D. Women’s Politics II. Presidential Politics in the Gilded Age A. Corruption and Party Strife B. Garfield’s Assassination and Civil Service Reform
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Unformatted text preview: C. Reform and Scandal: The Campaign of 1884 III. Economic Issues and Shifting Political Alliances A. The Tariff and the Politics of Protection B. Railroads, Trusts, and the Federal Government C. The Fight for Free Silver D. Panic and Depression ********** Railroads 1...
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