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History 1053 Week 1, Outline 1 Reconstruction, Part I Outline I. Reconstruction Debates a. Questions that dominated the debates included: i. How drastic would required changes be for southern society? ii. What place would African Americans have in the new southern society? iii. Who would control Reconstruction? The president? Congress? iv. Who would have more of a say on matters of Reconstruction, the moderate or radical wing of the Republican Party? b. Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan set forth in December 1863. i. Offered amnesty to Confederates who would take the oath of allegiance and accept emancipation. It exempted some Confederates from this lenient offer. ii. When 10 percent of the voting population pledged its loyalty, a new government could be set up. iii. Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas accepted Lincoln’s plan. c. Congress wanted more stringent rules for readmission of ex-Confederates into the Union. They came up with the Wade-Davis Bill of July 1864 i. This bill was harsher. It required a loyalty oath from 50 percent
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Week 1, Outline 1 - History 1053 Week 1, Outline 1...

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